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Reiki symbols: hands, moon, stars

Welcome to yoyoREIKI

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing technique. The Reiki practitioner lightly puts hands on your body, thereby transmitting and releasing energy. Let your stress melt away, as Reiki 's soothing touch helps dissolve physical and emotional issues. Reiki is a great addition to traditional medicine or therapy. FEEL BETTER.

Book a Reiki session in Washington Heights (Upper Manhattan) or a Distance Reiki, from anywhere in the world.


What is Reiki?

Rei-ki means universal energy.  Reiki practitioners transmit energy that's all around us and thereby help balance the client's energy fields. Like other holistic treatments, Reiki can improve your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Read more about Reiki HERE.

What's a session like?

Before the Reiki session, we talk about what's going on and if there's anything you'd like help with.  During the session, you lie fully clothed on a massage table, first on your back, then on your belly while I gently place hands on your body. You can relax and let the energy do its magic. YoyoREIKI sessions are in the tradition of Dr. Usui's original Reiki. If you like, we can add guided meditation or healing stones.

Does it work?

Yes! Some say Reiki changed their life. While there is limited scientific proof, many leading hospitals are adding Reiki to their services of holistic healing methods.

Find out for yourself!

It's best to have a few sessions.




Arrive in a beautiful room overlooking the Hudson. After we talk, you relax on a comfortable massage table, as Elke goes through the Reiki positions and gives you a customized session. Optional: music, essential oils, and gem stones. Please note:

Friendly cat in the house (not in the room) 


Just like a Reiki session, but done distantly, through space and time. We have a pre-Reiki conversation, on the phone, Zoom, or in-person. You will get the approximate time when Elke will do your distance Reiki - with the same love and care she puts into an in-person session.


In-person Pet Reiki at your home.  Your pet leads the way and the session, as Elke slowly gets to know them. 

She uses hand positions that your pet is comfortable with on that day. Just as for people, Reiki can help alleviate physical issues and help animals with stress and anxiety. 

A relaxing Reiki session
Distance Reiki
Cat reiki - energy healing for cats

For more details please email:

REIKI ONE WORKSHOP - Reiki 1 Certification: JUNE 2024






One 60-minute session: $85

Three 60-minute sessions: $225

at Riverside Drive / W 155 Street

Subway 1 to 157 St (or C to 155 St)

Please wear comfortable clothes

One 90-min session at your home: $250

Three 90-min sessions at your home: $700

includes transportation in Upper Manhattan

and the South Bronx - limited availability

One 30-minute session: $40

Five 30-minute sessions: $150

pre-Reiki phone consultation and post-Reiki Email included

for people anywhere in the world

60 min at your home: $95

Manhattan: Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights and  Upper West Side, Upper East Side only. Limited availability

3 distance pet sessions: $90

free phone consultation

combining in person and distance will be best for most animals

Rates are subject to change.

about ELKE

Elke Stappert

Reiki Master, certified in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Tradition:

Dr. Mikao Usui - Chujiro Hayashi - Hawayo Takata - John Harvey Gray - Nana Deleplanque - Elke Stappert

Elke earned her Reiki Master at Nana Deleplanque's NYC Reiki Institute. She enjoys helping people by practicing this peaceful yet powerful method of healing. 

A New Yorker with close ties to Germany, she's also a language teacher. Her language websites are and

Why Yoyo? It reminds her that everything in life needs energy and takes patience and practice. Regular Reiki and meditation practice help Elke balance her everyday routine. She loves passing these gifts on to others.

Elke Stappert
Elke Stappert during a Reiki Session
Reiki session in close up hand positions

What Clients Say


Elke masterfully applies her skills creating a totally safe space for mind and body. It is my experience that she operates intuitively, balancing gentleness with the ability to accompany the client through a restorative letting go.  

After the session, I was relaxed and peaceful.

I recommend a Reiki session with Elke as a generous gift to yourself.

Nicola M (CT-NYC)

"Distance Reiki sounds like magic... but it works for me! After a few sessions, my symptoms improved and I slept better, too."

Daniela P

(Dortmund, Germany)

"So relaxing!"

Andrei K(NYC)

Reiki Symbol: a hand, the moon, the sun, the stars

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