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What is Reiki?

Rei-ki means universal energy.  Reiki practitioners transmit energy that's all around us and thereby help balance the client's energy fields. Like other holistic treatments, Reiki can improve your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Read more about Reiki HERE.

What's a session like?

Before the Reiki session, we talk about what's going on and if there's anything you'd like help with.  During the session, you lie fully clothed on a massage table, first on your back, then on your belly while I gently place hands on your body. You can relax and let the energy do its magic. YoyoREIKI sessions are in the tradition of Dr. Usui's original Reiki. If you like, we can add guided meditation or healing stones.

Does it work?

Yes! Some say Reiki changed their life. While there is only some scientific proof, many leading hospitals are adding Reiki to their services of holistic healing methods.

Find out for yourself

It's best to have a few sessions.

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